The Foundation for Market Information Research starts research into TikTok

The Foundation for Market Information Research (SOMI) is calling on parents worldwide to join an action against TikTok. TikTok may have violated the privacy rights of minor users.

This article was published on in the Netherlands on July 29th, 2020. Please find the English translation below.

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TikTok is a social media app where young people, in particular, post videos in which they mimic and dance. Concerns had already been expressed about the privacy guaranteed by the platform. In South Korea, TikTok has already been fined, India has banned TikTok and the United States is considering doing the same. In the Netherlands, the Dutch Data Protection Authority has started an investigation into TikTok.

However, SOMI believes that too little attention is paid to possible privacy violations. In a press release, the foundation states that TikTok violates the GDPR in various ways. The foundation now wants to start an investigation and asks for the support of parents.

TikTok itself claims to pay enough attention to the privacy of users.

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