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The Foundation for Market Information Research (SOMI) is a non-profit organization set up to identify and influence issues of social importance. Among other things, SOMI is committed to protecting the fundamental rights of consumers and minors who use online services. Below you will find information about our foundation, the board of directors, and the supervisory board, including our articles of association. You can also read our FAQs for more information about how our foundation works.

Past actions

Palantir Claim

It’s the so-called most “secretive” software company specialized in big data analytics with a track record of working for the US intelligence agencies such as FBI, CIA and NSA.

Zoom Claim

The video calling service Zoom has been discredited for data leaks and privacy violations, especially during the period of COVID-19 lockdown.

Collective Data Request

Do you actually know what data is being collected about you? Your locations, personality, your preferences and favorites. But also your car, your income, your health, political opinion.

Bank Cartel Research

A study into the lack of competition in the Dutch mortgage market which result in homeowners with a mortgage ended up paying too much interest to major Dutch banks for years.

Board of Directors



Jan van den Broek is an all-round financial specialist. He has been active for 45 years, including 15 years at Deloitte accountancy. He has worked for many large and small companies. He currently has his own financial advisory office. Based on his financial expertise and his skills as a coach, he has devoted himself to the interests of children in recent years. He is treasurer at various foundations.



Hans Franke graduated in business administration and law. After graduating, he worked as a lawyer in the areas of collective advocacy for stockholders and the development of investments in commercial forestry to reduce the pressure on natural forest land. He currently works for various companies and partnerships, both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.



Cor Wijtvliet is an analytical expert in the financial field. For the past 36 years, he has been involved in consultancy in the financial sector. Since 2000, he has been working on themes in the social and economic domain. He has conducted such studies for, among others, Van Lanschot Bankiers for 11 years. He currently has his own research firm that provides services to small and medium-sized companies in the financial sector. Mr. Wijtvliet has been involved with SOMI since its establishment. He regularly posts about this case in blogs and newsletters.

Supervisory Board



Sergei Purewal is a solicitor with significant national and international high value, complex dispute resolution (ADR) and civil litigation experience and is admitted to practice law in England and Wales. Sergei has worked for international law firms, including Dentons and Eversheds in private practice, as well as for global litigation funders, including Burford Capital (UK). Besides his appointment to the supervisory board of SOMI, he also sits as a member on various other visionary Dutch boards. Most recently, Sergei is the owner of the consultancy firm Pure Equitas (International) Consultancy LLC providing access to justice including sourcing, and advising on, litigation funding.



Wijnand Prins is an educational professional and has been highly involved in the social sector. He is currently a policy advisor at the MBO Rijnland. He is concerned with the well-being of young people, partly in the context of their positioning in the labor market. Mr. Prins is actively involved in the development of (higher) professional education (HBO / MBO / ROC). He is the initiator of various projects and advises the board of various organizations with regard to vocational education. Mr. Prins is or has been involved with various foundations as founder, chairman, board member, or advisor.



Menno has more than 20 years of work experience in the field of tech & privacy, he has been a lawyer for a long time. Menno has an entrepreneurial mindset: he is co-founder of IncPlus (a start-up incubator) and the legal-tech startup DocBldr/VraagHugo. Menno is also a member of the editorial board of the magazine "Tijdschrift voor Internetrecht", and a board member of the Dutch Association for Information Technology and Law. Menno is ambassador at the Dutch Startup Association and commissioner at the Security of Things Fund. Lastly, Menno can be heard regularly on BNR Nieuwsradio. The membership as Supervisory Board is in a personal capacity.


By registering with SOMI you can enjoy a number of benefits:

Collective action

As a collective, we have a very solid negotiating position based on European legislation for privacy and consumer protection.

Knowledge center

SOMI investigates digital services and focuses on transparency with regard to the use of personal data and the relevant risks.


SOMI will also act as the voice for consumer groups in the media and a discussion partner for the government and other parties.

How does a claim process at SOMI work?

SOMI consists of a team of IT and legal experts who are the best in their field. Once we find a case in which the rights of a large group of people are being violated, we will start a claim process as below:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Foundation for Market Information Research (SOMI) is a non-profit organization set up to identify and influence issues of social importance. Among other things, SOMI is committed to protecting the fundamental rights of consumers and minors who use online services. SOMI investigates abuses, informs the public, and helps disadvantaged people. SOMI does this, among other things, by conducting collective proceedings and claiming compensation.

The full statutory purpose of SOMI is included in our statutes. You can find it here.
SOMI is a non-profit foundation. We have an independent board of three members. The members are listed above. The board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the foundation. SOMI also has an independent supervisory board. The members of the Supervisory Board are also listed above. The supervisory board supervises and controls the board. The members of the board and the supervisory board have the specific expertise and experience that are necessary for an adequate representation of the interests as described in SOMI's statutory objective.
Click here for SOMI's articles of association.
SOMI aims to be financed as much as possible with contributions from the participants in our campaigns and activities. We then do not have to pay large amounts to external financiers but can pass on such benefits directly to the people we represent. SOMI meanwhile has sufficient equity to carry out its activities, including the case against TikTok. Most of that capital was donated to SOMI by Reunion Ventures B.V. based on an agreement last updated as of December 2022. Reunion donated the money without asking for anything in return, with the aim of bringing about the social changes for which SOMI was founded. In order to be able to immediately absorb external costs for the storage and control of data of an acute large influx of new participants, SOMI has charged an advance payment for services from some point in time, in the form of a general registration fee of € 17.50 for new participants in its activities.

As of February 29th, 2024, SOMI will issue profit rights in legal proceedings to finance legal cases and represent victims throughout Europe. We are the first to do this with our Garantieprocescertificaten and Procescertificaten Serie 2024.

SOMI offers its certificates to consumers and investors interested in financing social causes and collective lawsuits. SOMI wants our society to be the first to benefit from these actions. Therefore, SOMI chooses to remain as independent as possible from commercial motives that could undermine the victims' right to compensation. We prefer to share the results with the participants in our actions. Click here for more information.
The members of the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board receive an hourly rate of € 75 for their work for the collective actions, such as for TikTok claim.
With the SOMI app, you can instruct us to manage your personal data and to enforce your rights on your behalf against companies and organizations that process your personal data. For example, we can make a request for access on your behalf or request that your personal data be deleted. You can also register for collective procedures of SOMI via the SOMI app.
You can participate in the collective action by completing the online registration form. It is also possible to complete the form for a minor of whom you are the legal representative.
You can withdraw from the collective action free of charge without giving reasons within 14 days after registration by sending an email to welcome@somi.nl. You can then cancel your participation without giving reasons, subject to a notice period of 30 days.
We work on a “no cure, no pay” basis. All (process) costs are therefore initially borne by SOMI itself. This means you run no risk. If the claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay anything. If the claim is successful, SOMI will attempt to have its costs reimbursed. We also assume that this will work. If the judge does not grant this, SOMI will withhold 2% of the compensation to be paid to you on the basis of the participant conditions with you to cover (part of) our costs. This is in line with the Claim Code 2019. The final percentage is determined reasonably by the judge and depends on the amount of the (process) costs and the amount of the total compensation.
SOMI does more than just organize collective claims. SOMI considers it useful to involve its participants as much as possible in the decision-making process. For example, during the TikTok claim, SOMI asked its participants to think along with SOMI by completing a questionnaire about the possible next step.


Articles of association (NL)
Claim code compliance statement (NL)
Supervisory report 2021 (NL)
Management report 2021(NL)
Annual report 2022
Annual report 2023
Centraal Insolventieregister (NL) - Via the Central Insolvency Register website you can check that SOMI is not in a state of bankruptcy, no petition for bankruptcy is pending, no suspension of payments has been granted to SOMI and no (public) WHOA procedure is pending.

Your privacy in your own hands!

Ever wondered how much the online world knows about you, or what you can learn from it? With the SOMI app, all your personal data becomes yours again.

With the SOMI app you can:

  • Request your personal data at the touch of a button;
  • Partially or fully remove your data stored by third parties;
  • Claiming damage when your data is not properly managed;
  • Check if your data has been exposed on the Dark Web.

SOMI is also available for data processors. With SOMI you can:

  • Securely follow up on GDPR data requests in real time;
  • Verify persons who request their data via the app.

SOMI offers you a platform for GDPR communication. All at the touch of a button.

SOMI. All your data. All yours.

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DPE Scoreboard

Let's stand together against the big companies that are stealing our data and violating our privacy.

With SOMI, we have a strong negotiating position on data privacy and consumer protection, so you can count on us to represent your interests. The main benefits of participating in SOMI's actions are:

  • Through the collective claim, we send a signal to companies and institutions.
  • Together, we fight for control over your personal data.
Register for SOMI
Let's stand together against the big companies that are stealing our data and violating our privacy.



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