SOMI Newsletter - November 4th, 2021

SOMI starts its Facebook (Meta) collective data request

On September 1st, we have launched a campaign against Facebook data-leak, which allows users to check via SOMI app and at whether they have become victim of the Facebook data leak from April 2021. Consequently it also shows how much of their personal data has been circulating on the Dark Web.

This campaign was met with great success, as hundred of consumers have signed up with SOMI to request all of their personal data from Facebook in order to investigate what has happened to their data.

SOMI has also invited all victims of this data leak to submit evidence that can verify whether the leaked data have in fact been scraped from Facebook after May 25th, 2018, the date on which the GDPR came into effect. As a result, have received many useful information for our investigation and (possible) legal claims. This has led us to reward and pay out two crowd resource contributants in this matter to an amount of EUR 2,000.

SOMI is now taking a further action against Facebook (renamed: Meta) by performing a collective data request on behalf of its participants. You may join this campaign now. We are requesting all personal data collected on you by Facebook that has been stored or processed by Facebook (Meta) and its affiliated entities.

How does it work?

1. Create an account on SOMI app or

2. Use the 'Data Breach Check' function to check if your personal may indeed have been compromised by Facebook. Please use your phone number to check, and in some cases, you may need to verify your phone number for us to make sure its you.

3. After receiving the results, you may choose to take further actions such as requesting all of your data from Facebook (Meta) or investigating what happened to your data. This works on the basis that you provide SOMI with authorization to act on your behalf by signing a Power of Attorney.

4. More information about our Facebook leak campaign can be found on

Participation is free. Personal data we receive is always stored encrypted on our servers at all times, so only you will have access to it by logging it to your account on SOMI app or

The collective data request will be submitted to Facebook (Meta) on November 21, 2021. Join us on a discovery to find out how much tech companies like Facebook know about you! Feel free to share your experiences with us; then we will put together your findings and complaints.

More information


Victims' testimony

"I hate that my data is out on the street. The idea that they can access my private data without me having the choice of who sees it. Fortunately, Somi is fighting for this."

- Ms. G, The Netherlands 

"I cannot explain what exactly happened to my Fbook account. After checking the SOMI app, I saw that my Facebook account had been abused."

- Ms. B, The Netherlands



We always have potential for new legal claims at SOMI. Through our app and our research, we identify fresh opportunities for claim financing, especially in the area of consumer claims, privacy protection and data autonomy almost every day. 

We are looking for financing partners! These may include the full range from grants and subsidies for groundbreaking campaigns and research all the way to commercial claim funding at multiples of over 3-5 times of initial investments funded. 

SOMI has its statutory base in The Netherlands; an excellent jurisdiction for representing any collective damages compensation claim. Through our membership base, our campaigns and our app, we identify and represent claims all over Europe. 

Should you, or any organization represented by you, be interested in financing any of our activities, reach out to us! 

The best way of contacting us directly in these matters is by sending an email, briefly stating your contact details and interests, to

We will then contact you directly.



Collective data request – Palantir & Zoom

Following up to our previous collective data request campaign back in July 2021, SOMI has submitted the request on behalf of our participants to Palantir Technologies and Zoom Video Communications. This has been done by our lawyer Douwe Linders of law firm SOLV. 

Palantir has responded directly to our users via email communications on 20th of October inquiring about the users’ relationship with Palantir and whether they have used Palantir products or services. This communication was done without consultation with SOMI or our legal representation in this matter. 

Zoom has responded to SOMI’s lawyer on 29th of October, stating that due to the complexity of the request, pursuant to Article 12(3) GDPR of its intention to take additional time to respond to SOMI’s letter, not to exceed two additional months. They also asked SOMI to provide additional details of some of our users participating in the request. 

SOMI will continue to represent our users in these cases, and we will do our best to return the personal data of our users to where they rightfully belong. 


New ID verification software

We have recently made a switch in our ID verification process to GetID, a European-based, GDPR compliance and secure identity verification software. In order for SOMI to process your request(s), you must first verify your identity. To prevent impersonation, we need to make sure you are who you say you are. 

In case you have not verify your identity yet. Please go to your profile on SOMI app and click on the badge to verify your ID. There you can upload your ID and fill in all the required fields. Once your identity has been verified, you are free to make all the GDPR-related requests on our platforms.


New DPEs - Location Data Industry

As of today, we have added 45 new Data Processing Entities (DPEs) from the location data industry. These companies have been profiting millions of Euro from your phone’s location data without you being aware of it and – not to forget – without you yourself sharing in these profits. Below we have presented a list of location data DPEs that you can request a copy of your personal data from these companies via the SOMI app.


About SOMI

The Foundation for Market Information Research (SOMI) is a non-profit organization set up to identify and influence issues of social importance. 

SOMI is a recognized claims foundation in the field of privacy and data autonomy and is committed, among other things, to the protection of the fundamental rights of consumers and minors who use various online services. With the app that SOMI has developed, we want to restore ownership and control over personal data to all the people: All your data. all yours. 

SOMI investigates abuses, informs the public and helps injured parties. SOMI does this by conducting collective proceedings and claiming compensation. 

SOMI is currently investigating alleged GDPR violations by Facebook and TikTok.