Concerned parents claim more than 1 billion euros from video app TikTok

The case was brought by the Market Information Research Foundation (SOMI), which represents more than 64,000 parents. One of the founders of the foundation, Cor Wijtvliet, says that regulators do not act against TikTok and that he is therefore going to court in Amsterdam. On Wednesday, the complainants sent a subpoena to TikTok.

Dit artikel is op 2 juni 2021 gepubliceerd op Netherlands News Live. Geschreven door Margaret Quarmby.

According to SOMI, TikTok collects data from children so that they can see targeted advertisements, without properly requesting permission. In addition, TikTok would collect much more data than necessary. Furthermore, SOMI says that TikTok is doing too little to protect children. According to the foundation, several children have died abroad as a result of challenges, in which users encourage each other to do dangerous things.

TikTok has previously said that it is doing a lot to ensure the safety of young users. For example, the company says that accounts of users between the ages of 13 and 15 are set to private by default. Unknowns can’t see their videos automatically. Moderators also bar inappropriate videos and users can report offensive material.

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