Amsterdam court allows Dutch claim with the worth of billions against TikTok

Three Dutch foundations are allowed to continue with their billion-dollar claims against TikTok. The social medium is said to have committed a violation of privacy and caused a total of more than 9 billion euros in damage.

This article was published on November 9th, 2022 on Tweakers. Written by Yannick Spinner.

The Dutch judges have ruled that the damage claims may indeed be settled in the Netherlands, something TikTok has so far disagreed with. With the confirmation of the court, the lawsuit will be handled from February next year, Het Financieele Dagblad reports. The three foundations are requesting a total of up to 9.4 billion euros in compensation from TikTok and together represent tens of thousands of alleged victims.

The claims for damages were submitted by three Dutch foundations. The Foundation for Market Information Research was the first to file a mass claim against TikTok. The organization represents 64,000 parents and demands up to 1.4 billion euros. The Dutch Consumers' Association and the Take Back Your Privacy foundation then submitted a claim of 2 billion euros for violating the privacy of children. Massaschade & Consument is claiming more than 6 billion euros for the unlawful collection of personal data and its resale.

Last year, the social platform was criticized for the first time in the Netherlands with a GDPR fine of 750,000 euros. TikTok turned out to only show Dutch users an English privacy statement. Young people, of whom the target group mainly consists, would therefore not understand what they agree to. The company has accepted this. It is unlikely that the new billion-dollar claims will be accepted from the platform without further protest.

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